Who we are

As a fashion marketing and sales agency for different brands, Smashbox represents a diverse line of casual women and menswear.

With products from all over the world, we provide international collections for our customers in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe.

Customer contact is one of our important pillars from which we build strong relationships with our customers. Since the start of the company we’ve grown considerably. As of May 2010 we can proudly say that we have opened our brand new Smashbox showroom. We have also opened our own store in Amsterdam, Berenstraat 17. To maintain our growth we keep looking around for inspiration and other brands to expand our ambition.


Our Brands

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Rigakade 20-3

1013 BC Amsterdam


P.O. Box: 57261

1040 BD Amsterdam

+31 20 617 3533




P.O. Box 57261

1040 BD Amsterdam